September 17, 2012

Zombies Invade Supercrawl 2012

On September 14 and 15th, Horror in the Hammer unleashed a small horde of zombies onto James Street North for Supercrawl 2012. 

"Send more paramedics!"
Milling throughout crowds in search of brains, Horror in the Hammer's zombies took pictures with delighted / frightened Supercrawl attendees and distributed information about our next walk and food drive: October 27th, 2012. Embracing a broader definition of "art" than most of the vendors and installations on James Street North, our Hamilton Zombie Walk street team introduced onlookers and local business to the art of horror makeup effects and undead performance that can be seen each year during the Hamilton Zombie Walk.

Despite some who clearly wanted nothing to do with us (aka. party poopers), most were delighted to have zombies with them for Supercrawl taking in all the great bands, arts, and crafts. After all, who can crawl better than a zombie?

Horror in the Hammer's zombies weren't the only undead on display in Hamilton last weekend. Even our friends from the Toronto Zombie Walk (Oct 20, 2012) came out to promote their event and the upcoming NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE stage show produced by Hamilton boys Phil Pattison and Chris Harrison of Nictophobia Films.

Stay connected with the Hamilton Zombie Walk. Follow us on Twitter @HamZombieWalk, join the official Facebook group, and make sure to like Horror in the Hammer.


Enjoying some liquid refreshment at one of James Street North's best restaurants: JACK & LOIS
All our best friends are zombies, like zombie street-team member Tina!
Sarah of the Zombie Street Team shows James Street is bloody and ready to go
Zombie Street Team member Laurel is a cheeky little ghoul!
The doctor is in!
A zombie mistakes one of the living mannequins outside Eclectric Audio and Music
Zombies love The Green Smoothie Bar
Making friends with the soldier boys from the armory to avoid a shot in the head

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  1. When the Halloween month hits the calendar, we would really expect costume parties almost everywhere. Actually, even the staffs in kirkland urgent care just celebrated their party a month or so and they just wear their surgical masks and scrub suits cause that's scary enough, I guess.